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Hello! I have no real reason to run this website, so this, in turn, is kind of a pointless About page. My job is pretty standard and not so bad, but I still felt really stressed out about it every night. Worrying about what might happen at work the next day, which is mostly a completely unfounded fear, was making it hard to enjoy all of the time when I wasn't working. I decided that I should try harder to do something fun every day and see if that helped.

When I was in grad school, one of the professors talked about teaching a freshman level course on gaming, where one of the assignments was to have students keep a game log, recording their daily impressions of the assigned games. Even though that was probably aimed more at introducing students to college level critique and analysis, I thought it sounded like a fun idea, so it stuck in my head for a few years.

More recently, I read an article about Neocities on Polygon, which you can read here, and even though I am not thinking so deeply about this service, either, it looked fun to play with. Since I want to learn some HTML and CSS, it seemed fun and interesting.

Combining those two things, I got the idea to make this website as a way to deliberately waste time and enjoy myself. It's enjoyable to make grainy, 56k friendly screenshots of modern games running on modern technology, and I also like sitting back and deciding how to make my page best look like an obscure Sanrio character threw up on it after a cotton candy binge. The games are fun, too, but if I didn't like the website part of it just as well, what would be the point of all this?

Nothing important is here, but if you are reading it, thanks!

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About page last updated in October 2022

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