What Video Game Did I Play Yesterday?

September 30th, 2023

My power level is at zero today, but I cleared the forest area in Super Mario Odyssey last night. I shut it off right after because the cloud stage that came next looked like a hassle at that moment.


September 29th, 2023

With some shock that I met one of my goals, I can say that I managed to play Super Mario Odyssey ten times within the month of September, making strides against my extremely poor attention span. I'm going to carry it forward for at least five play sessions into October, and choose a different "focus game" for the month. I'm not sure what it'll be yet, and need to decide pretty quickly!

As far as things went with Super Mario Odyssey last night, though, I wandered off the path the game told me to follow and picked up five or so moons. I did a foggy area that made my hands sweat like crazy, even though it wasn't very difficult, and had a nice time.


September 28th, 2023

I'm back on my real schedule today, wide awake and with a McDonald's iced coffee at my side as a special sugary treat! Changing my sleep schedule, only by a couple of hours and only for a few days, messed me up so badly I can hardly believe it, but I feel excellent today. My gaming yesterday was not really that notable, though. I played Super Mario Odyssey for another 45 minutes or so, exploring a world of gardening robots. This game is very charming.


September 27th, 2023

The basic training for my new job ended today, so I get to go back to my normal late schedule tomorrow! I'm really relieved, since I haven't slept well for a few days, and am excited to start something new, too.

Yesterday, I got off work and immediately blew an hour playing Super Mario Odyssey, getting through the water level. It was pretty lovely. I really liked the bubble architecture, and the colors and music were really relaxing. I'll start the forest level today, but I'm honestly a bit less excited about it.


September 26th, 2023

I'm still tired today, so much so that I kept looking at yesterday's post and thinking I'd missed a day somewhere! Last night, I just pieced together a couple of images in Calm Colors before bed, which was lazy and relaxing.

My focus is bad enough that I've already done a lot more gaming than that today, but that'll be a story for tomorrow!


September 25th, 2023

I'm so sleepy today, but good! I started training for my new position today, but since the schedule for training is 2+ hours earlier than my normal schedule, I'm zoned out tonight. That is okay, though! Even if I'm dozing off before 8pm tonight, things will be good overall.

Last night, I played Super Mario Odyssey for a few minutes when I should have been sleeping, picking up a few basic moons in the water world. Being able to play as a Cheep Cheep takes away some of the stress I normally feel in Mario water levels, which is cool. Plus, the colors are so peaceful and lovely!

I played Disney Tsum Tsum quite a lot, too, but hit a wall in the monthly event's end game. I would have to get a 3 million-plus high score with a tsum wearing a collar to move forward, which is definitely possible! It would take more level grinding than I'm willing to do, though, so I'm letting it go. I feel more at peace now having abandoned this goal.

I'm way more interested in sleeping than gaming right now, but'll play something for a few minutes to wind down later.


September 24th, 2023

Being awake does not feel good today, so this will be a short-ish post. I mostly just tried to grind my way through the extra event missions in Disney Tsum Tsum yesterday. A lot of them felt pretty grindy, so it got a little tedious in spots. I'm so close to the end, though, with only one more character set to go! I want that extra skill ticket.

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