What Video Game Did I Play Yesterday?

February 26th, 2024

This morning, I slept longer than I should have, but am still glad I'm managing this before work. It's going to be a strange week, so I want to get it started right.

It helps, though, that I didn't play a ton last night. I had a decent amount of time to play My Sims Agents, and wanted to make good progress in it, but was feeling way too tired to stay upright and playing for more than half an hour. Alas, my characters shall jet to the mountains in my next play session.

From there, I played a really minimal round of Fashion Dreamer, getting my next set of event rewards. I actually like the new pose I got- it's very pin-up girl-ish- and should be clearing this event in the next couple of days.


February 25th, 2024

I slept way too much last night, almost 10 hours, so I'm having a challenging morning! It's an awards show weekend, though, so I mostly get to eat nice food with family and do crafts when I'm not trying not to doze off. Plus, I paid my bills this morning, so I'm not a total louse today.

Yesterday, I played a little more of Close to the Sun and quit, deciding it's not for me. It was a true magic of GamePass moment. It's fine, and if this were was a book, I'd be glued to it. The movement felt clunky, though, and I hit some progression points so linear they got frustrating. There's a chance I'll go back to it, but it's more likely that I won't.

After that, I wanted to play something for a few minutes before I had to be somewhere, so I popped Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons into my Switch. I don't know that I'll tackle this game immediately, but the twenty or thirty minutes I played were really enjoyable. I shall return to this.

Last but not least, I had a really enjoyable Fashion Dreamer play session before bed. I may have just been floating through on sleepiness, but I was hitting a lot of funny NPC dialogue, cute new outfit patterns, and just overall good game enjoyment. I'm almost through the current event, so'll probably clear it in my next few play sessions.


February 24th, 2024

It's the weekend, and I'm pleased to not be working today! Last night, I was super tired, so I didn't do much game stuff. On my XBox, though, I played the first 30 or 40 minutes of a wander-around game called Close to the Sun. It's a steampunk game, set on a spooky boat where Tesla seems to have caused some problems, and I'm not sure what to make of it yet. I'm not clear on why my character can delicately vault over gates, but not climb over a box, and it seems like a poor security protocol to clearly write codes to locks on papers next to the locks. It seems to be about vibes more than anything else, though, which is fine. I'm hoping to play a bit more of this later.

I also played a couple missions sets in Fashion Dreamer, and apologize to other players for the outfits I made them while half asleep but very determined to score some event rewards.


February 23rd, 2024

In theory, I understand "thank god it's Friday" attitudes, but Friday is the hardest day of the week by a mile for me! I'm always so tired, and since work was super intense yesterday, I'm dreading logging on today. I did get out of bed in time to post here before work, though, which isn't nothing.

That being said, my gaming last night was pretty unimpressive. I was really tired, so I played My Sims Agents on Wii for about 20 minutes before giving up and going to bed. That's certainly not the game's fault! I'm enjoying it and am surprised how involved I am with the noir-for-kids story. Plus, the game world is so colorful and lovely that it makes me happy just to wander around and hang out. I was just not good at being awake yesterday.

I have a short game on GamePass I'm thinking of playing this weekend, and want to make a little more progress in the current Fashion Dreamer event. I'd really like to get through more of My Sims Agents, too! Before that, though, I've got one more work day to get through.


February 22nd, 2024

I had a game I wanted to try on GamePass last night, but my XBox was not very willing to download anything. That wasn't so bad, though. I chalked it up to internet trouble and hooked up my Wii to try My Sims Agents, which I thought would be cute and not a lot else. The first hour or so was actually fun, though. I didn't expect an "uncover government and corporate corruption, but in a cute way" story, and I was so pleased by how bright, cheery, and cartoony the environments are. Even though I'd started this as just a time-waster, I'm pretty interested in playing more. Since I have the DS version, too, I may fire that up soon, too.


February 21st, 2024

Last night, I finished off Costume Quest, which was a very cute game. Even though I could be both French fries and a cat in battle, which is pretty important, I thought the battle system was a little slow. The idea of the game was really nifty, though, and the little suburban neighborhoods and malls that I got to explore felt like great settings for a trick-or-treating RPG. Plus, the final boss put up more of a fight than I expected! I did win on my first try, since I'd reached the level cap, but I only had one of three characters left standing, with 55 HP remaining. At any rate, I'm glad I saw this through, but don't plan to pick up the DLC. When it gets closer to Halloween, though, I might check out the sequel.


February 20th, 2024

My allergies are really nasty today, so I'm not pleased about being out of bed. It's an in-office day for me, though, so I've put together a Midwestern disaster lunch in a microwavable Hello Kitty bento set- leftover tuna and bean sprout casserole in the bigger box, and cottage cheese and canned mandarin oranges in the smaller one I'll keep cold- and am getting my daily post done. It's not nothing!

I played another hour of Costume Quest last night, and think I'm getting very close to the ending. I'm extremely pleased that one of my new costumes last night was a French fry monster, and will likely stubbornly drag this into the final boss battle when I get to it.

I also played a very small amount of Fashion Dreamer, clearing some event missions without unlocking any photo frames or poses. It wasn't very exciting, but I was playing it to fall asleep, so that's fine.

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