What Video Game Did I Play Yesterday?

October 2022

October 31th, 2022

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I got into crafting mode yesterday, so my game time was pretty minimal. I played two more levels in Sonic the Hedgehog, which sounds like less than it is because Labryinth Zone Act 3 was a screaming hellscape that caused me naught but suffering. The next level I played was cool, though. Star Light Zone has nice music.

I played a couple more races in Kandagawa Jet Girls, too, getting my first SSS rank victory and spending piles of time on character customization. It was enjoyable.

I got my Genesis Mini 2 delivered as I was typing this, so tommorrow's post will probably have at least something about that. For now, though, I'm off before my lunch break comes to its sad end!

October 30th, 2022

I've gotten this site set up and good to go for November this morning, which is only a couple days away now! I don't feel like October went fast at all, though. I felt so crummy through most of it that, instead of having a "wow, time flies!" feeling as I set up my November links, I felt more like "gah, thank god this is almost over." Not every month is good, though, so that is okay.

Yesterday, I wanted to play something older, but a little more in depth than the arcade games I've been playing lately, and am also excited that my Genesis Mini 2's arrival is imminent. Because of that, I started save state scumming my way through the first Sonic the Hedgehog. I'd never made it past Marble Zone before, on account of my truly hating Marble Zone, but I got to Labyrinth Zone Act 3 last night. I was swearing at my TV like wild, as it's a very infuriating game, but it was fun, too! I don't know if I'll clear it today, but I'll at least go for a couple more levels.

I also did a couple more races in Kandagawa Jet Girls, getting started with the idol jet ski girls' story path. It was way too easy, though. I don't mind games not being challenging, in general, but in one of the races I played, I smacked into a wall, accidentally turned around backwards, forgot how to reverse, and still came in 25 seconds ahead of the AI in second place. It was a little surprising. I don't know if the game doesn't expect me to know that I ought to be installing upgrades on the side characters' jet skis or something, but it felt weird to breeze through races so easily half asleep at 1am. It seemed very strange.

October 29th, 2022

Last night, I continued getting my money's worth out of my copy of SNK 40th Anniversary Collection for Switch, going in and finishing the NES version of Guerrilla War. I was way closer to the end than I thought I'd be when I picked it back up, so I buzzed through a couple more levels and the credits rolled. I don't know if this is a common feeling or not, but it's so strange to me in these old SNK games that the bosses feel easier than taking ou the piles of one-hit-and-they're-out enemies in the standard levels.

In the cartridge's museum mode, however, it did say that the infinite continues were a part of the original game and not just a feature added to the collection, to basically make the home version a practice mode for the arcade game. It's not an awful idea, considering it, and I felt powerful clearing an NES run and gun, easy mode enabled or not.

Plus, clearing the console version of Guerrilla War banks me another game purchase, to be made at a later date. I'll probably go back and try the arcade version soon, too, before I tackle the Ikari Warriors trilogy.

With Guerrilla War cleared, I went back to Kandagawa Jet Girls for a little bit and, finally, unlocked some story modes for other characters. I have nothing against the main girls in this game, but I do, sadly, think that literally everyone else in it is more interesting, so I'm happy to have the chatty cutscenes officially become more unhinged. It's exactly what I needed to stay interested in this game.

October 28th, 2022

I'm feeling somewhat better, but extremely sleepy, so I still don't have so much to post about. I got all the jack-o-lantern decor Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom, though, scoring my last one walking around my apartment last night! I'd thought that, since I'm not feeling well, this event would end up being a bust for me. It's somewhat satisfying to have gotten all of the special Pikmin in spite of that.

I also played another story chapter in Kandagawa Jet Girls, redoing the race a couple times to get all three missions cleared. As bad as I am at racing games, "Finish the race without hitting the wall" was a merciful task in that the game didn't care if I came in 6th out of 6th to clear that one. The difficulty level still feels super easy-going, but from the story mode menu, I think that's just because I'm not very far into things yet.

October 27th, 2022

Work yesterday ended up being a selection of long calls that would have been fairly brutal had I been feeling my best. With my cough still hanging around, I had totally lost my will to be awake and functioning by the time my shift was over. I played My Sims for about five minutes, but even that felt like too much, so that was that for the night.

October 26th, 2022

Yesterday morning, I ended up going home from work early and took the rest of the day off from there, after walking from the parking garages to the office picked my coughing back up again. It sucked.

Somewhat because of that, I didn't really end up doing any sizable amount of missions in Kandagawa Jet Girls- I did two chapters of story mode, replayed the races to get three stars on each of them, and went to bed. Hopefully, I'll be peppier tonight!

While I took my breathing medicine, I had the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection back out and was playing the NES version of Guerrilla War, a Cuban revolution themed arcade run-and-gun that I hadn't played before, but was feeling loopy enough to tackle yesterday. It felt really strange to have the infinite, no-progress lost continues in an NES game, especially since the pacing is deliberate and doable enough that I'm not sure it's totally necessary. Since I've never played this before, I'm not sure if it's a quality of life feature for the modern collection or just how the game is. I felt like I could figure things out and make progress, though, which is a good feeling for me to get in an 8-bit action game. I didn't quite clear this last night, but'll probably go in and finish today.

October 25th, 2022

I'm doing a quick post before an office day today, which, since I am still coughing a lot, I am very apprehensive about. Hopefully I can stay pretty clear of people and keep my mask on, though, so it should be ok. I like my coworkers, and I don't want to take them out, too.

I played more of Kandagawa Jet Girls last night, and even though it's not a great jet-ski racer, it still has sunny skies and super bright blues that make me happy, so I had a nice time. I was only on story mission two and totally bombed out, thinking I was awful at the game, but as soon as I went and upgraded my girls' machine, I came in first with zero effort. It seems like that could be a balancing issue, but oh, well. I'd kind of like to play longer tonight, if I'm awake enough, so I'll see how playing a few missions straight feels in terms of difficulty progression then.

October 24th, 2022

Saturday's time with Time Soldiers put a dent in my desire to tackle another old arcade game, so I was mildly more modern yesterday. I played around with Vib-Ribbon for a while, which I hadn't put on for a really long time. My medicine is still making it tough to sit still, so I had been trying to think about what album I owned would be hardest to play, since it lets you swap the default music with your own CDs. I came to the conclusion that No. 1 in Heaven by Sparks had the most promising combination of punishingly high BPM and 5+ minute gauntlets to clear, and am not sure I was so far off the mark. I tried, I swore a lot, and though I certainly did not come close to clearing the album, it was fun.

I also picked a PS4 game I'd let sit for a while back up before bed, Kandagawa Jet Girls. I got it a couple years ago and played it once, but the cops came to my apartment and accused me of having a physical altercation visible from the street while I was playing. I was alone in my apartment, playing video games and running my fruit dehydrator in my pajamas, so the cops looked, decided they were wrong, and left, but it was still a really unpleasant experience. That's not the fault of Kandagawa Jet Girls, but I hadn't really played it since.

Last night, though, I did a free race to remember the controls, played a few of the minigames, and feel sufficiently back on top of things. It's not nearly as good as a Wave Race game, but I knew that would be the case picking it up. For a fluffy time killer, it'll do for a while.

October 23rd, 2022

I tried to play another arcade game while puffing breathing medicine last night, Time Soldiers, but I really didn't enjoy it. The twin stick shooting controls, as they were set up on the Switch version of the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection felt awkward, it was really gratuitously cheap, and there was nothing that grabbed me about the aesthetic or story, either. After I traveled through time a sufficient amount of times, which involves a lot more tedious backtracking than you might expect, and rescued all of the other titular Time Soldiers, I reached the "Final Battle" with some sense of relief. Once I realized getting killed there meant a no continues available game over, though, I flat out quit. If I had found anything in the game more interesting or charming, I might have wanted to try again, but as it is, I likely won't.

October 22nd, 2022

I don't click on my own profile enough, so this is a weird start to a post. A few days ago, though, I got a comment on a post from another user, faustian, and didn't see it until this morning. (Their site might be gone when you click, but the fact that things can be ephmeral if the webmaster chooses them to be is one of the cool things about Neocites, I think.) It was about taking my game experience and making the ultimate game, which is interesting, and I can also picture my trainwreck of an ultimate game with surprising clarity.

For this site, though, my feeling is more, "If I want to write about games, I'm gonna write about games!" This isn't anything complete or polished, nor does it have to be. If I want to turn it into something later, it's a nice bonus that I can lay the foundations here. Plus, having sat in classrooms talking about peer review and publication processes, it's hard to take the ability to just do what I want here for granted. I have no publication barriers, no editorial mandate to focus more on critical than experiential perspectives on games, no advertisers to worry about- it's fun, even on a bad day!

That's maybe not why I started this site, but it's why I stay excited about coming back to it.

All of that is maybe an unnecessarily thoughtful leadup to my discussion of last night's game, Prehistoric Isle. I have to take this weird medicine through a nebulizer machine right now, and it's boring, tedious, and unpleasant, but blasting through old arcade games makes it go a lot faster. I have to say, it's maybe not the ideal conditions under which to play Prehistoric Isle. By the end of it, my hands were shaking like crazy, which is not great for accuracy in a side scrolling shooter that's already pretty difficult. The difficulty seems thematically fair, though, because if you don't want to die, it's not a great idea to fly a biplane in a giant dinosaur's face.

I'm not sure I think this was a good game. The kills were super cheap, the screen got so swarmed at times that it seemed out to get your quarters rather than provide a fair challenge (which, fair enough), and I felt like the final boss's patterns were almost easier to parse and avoid than those of a lot of the bosses in the midst of the game. However, this is also a side scrolling shooter where a dinosaur can grab your plane out of the sky and crunch it up to kill you, with really cool sprite art, especially for 1989, and for that, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I took a lot of screenshots while playing, because it was neat, and picked the ammonite for this post because I thought it had good charm. All the bosses are pretty cool, though, and they made this pretty playable for me.

I'll probably have another game along these lines to post about tomorrow.

October 21st, 2022

Today isn't much better than yesterday, and my stomach is a wreck to boot, so I'm posting now against the very real risk that I do forget after work. Last night, it was another round of fluffy casual games for five to ten minutes before bed, with Dungeon Mahjong, from the "Play without a download!" section of my phone's app store as the night's victim. I didn't really like it. The quick levels and score attack format were kind of interesting, but the non-standard acceptable match rules needed an instructions screen, and it lagged a surprising amount for such a simple game. The tileset was super cute, though.

October 20th, 2022

I almost forgot to post today. I hadn't been sleeping much at all from coughing, even after Nyquil last night, so I went to the doctor and it turned out I had bronchitis, which sucks. They gave me some decent help, though, I got through the work day, and hopefully I'll sleep tonight! Last night, I woozily did 5 or so puzzles on Codebreaker Puzzle 1000! ENG & JAN to get into a relaxed mindset, and think I found this game's true purpose.

October 19th, 2022

I, somewhat shockingly, met my ten games cleared goal! Because of that, there's been some updates to my Cleared Games page, which is up in my site's top navbar. This page is mostly for my accounting purposes, but it feels good to mark things off of arbitrary lists. I'll fully admit that I cleared ten games by scumming short and easy indies and retro quarter munchers, but it was a fun experience. Since I usually don't manage to clear games at all, it felt like progress, too, enough so that I'm dialing back to a requirement of two games cleared before I can buy another. Scintillating stuff, right?

As my tenth cleared game, I went back and played Beast Busters, an old SNK light gun game I've mentioned here before, start to end on Switch. There's no motion control at all, so the control in this port felt super janky to me, but it was still over the top enough to be enjoyable. Maybe it went on a little longer than it needed to, but whereas I usually hate the end of an arcade game's rematch with all the bosses, that part of this one was kind of fantastic. I think it was a good mix of weird monster designs, boss attack patterns that felt fairly fair, and my just being better at light gun style games than the beat-em-ups I usually gravitate towards. Beast Busters was a decent way to kill a few minutes!

October 18th, 2022

I decided to tackle an old arcade game for a quick game clear last night, and, after popping the Taito Legends 2 collection into my PS2, landed on Growl. I don't think this game was very good, from a technical standpoint. It was pretty repetitive, your move set is limited, the same enemy types and backgrounds last throughout the game's entire brief runtime, and the final boss seems like it may be flat out unbeatable without a trip to the bank for some rolls of quarters. I was really amused by it, though. The goal is to save animal from poachers, which you do by fighting hundreds of poachers with kicks, punches, and rocket launchers. Since the animals are grateful for your help, they pitch in, so this game features elephants busting up tanks and enemies getting trampled by herds of gazelles. There's a twist ending, too, which was really a highlight for me.

I wouldn't play Growl again, but it got my mind off of work garbage for a while, and that is sometimes good enough. Since this was game clear 9 out of 10, I'm probably going to do another quick arcade game tonight to meet my ten games cleared goal!

October 17th, 2022

Last night, I watched Dracula and decided it was time to play Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. It went badly for me.

October 16th, 2022

I am back home and, despite my tech acting unilaterally sluggish in cold offense that I dared leave it for a day, am doing a normal post again. I went on a small trip with a sibling this weekend, and met up with another sibling, went to a very delicious vegan restaurant in Chicago, blew a lot of money at Kinokuniya and H-Mart, and had an exceptionally good strawberry shortcake flavored gas station slushie. It was all the stuff of royalty.

We were in a very cute and, more importantly, super walkable suburb on Saturday, so while other people took care of their own stuff, I decided to go after the Pikmin Bloom community day event. This required that I walk 10,000 steps.

The Halloween event that's going on at the same time took up more of my time and effort, and I'll post about that more lately, but I kept my phone in my pocket while I explored for a couple of hours, stopped, and found out that most of my steps were not recorded, for whatever reason. All hope was not lost, so I kept my phone in my pocket walking in Chicago, and then walking around more that night. The steps still did not all count, which seems weird considering that Google Fit keeps things up and running well in my much less major area. At that point, though, I was so close that I just walked the place we were staying for 40 minutes to get my last 1.5k steps. Success was mine, and I slept super well after all of that.

I also tried Dark Arms: Beast Buster 1999, an old Neo Geo Pocket Color game, on my Switch during more of the afternoon downtime, and will pick this back up for sure. It seemed very "level up to make the whole game trivially easy" from the bit I played, and that is kind of fun sometimes.

All that said, it is time to find a palatable dinner, finish putting my groceries away, and gear up for another work week. It's a magical feeling.

October 15th, 2022

Alas! I am on the road today, so there are no screenshots. Tomorrow's post will be normal again, but today is kind of a test to see how well I can post from my phone. It's not fantastic, but it'll do in a pinch!

Last night, I played Balan Wonderworld until I got motion sick, then right before bed, I played puzzle mode, badly, in Pokemon Puzzle League. It was fine.

October 14th, 2022

Yesterday, the only thing I played was King of Fighters XV, for a few minutes before bed. I was just messing with 1P vs CPU to get back into the swing of the game and had a good time. I respect that Chizuru's fashion remains 90s soap opera, shoulder-pads and all, and was having a good time playing as her last night.

October 13th, 2022

I got Headliner up and running in English last night, by cheating and picking up a copy on Steam. Since I already owned it, getting a working copy and supporting the dev team didn't seem bad, especially not for just a few dollars. I did a playthrough and got a spectacularly bad ending, leading to assassination and my own murder, but it was a pretty satisfying ending, too, as far as things go. In the game, you choose what news stories you want the network you work for to run and see how they play out in the world around you after work. For this playthrough, I generally ran stories I felt okay about running with, and everything went to hell. In my next playthrough, I'll do it less as a role playing game and chase achievements to see the different ways that everything can go to hell.

My biggest problems with Headliner were a total lack of subtlety, both in terms of story beats and the easy-dichotomy style framing of the fictionalized issues, and the less relevant concern that the art is a lot nicer in the sequel. It's really short, too, but since it's a multiple playthroughs type of game, that's not so awful.

Anyway, even though I'm marking this off as cleared for now, having seen the game play out and feeling satisfied with my run, I'll go back to achievement hunt and see what other horrors I can unleash sometime in the future. A playthrough barely takes more than half an hour, so it'll be an easy thing to play on sleepy nights.

October 12th, 2022

Last night, after a decent day at work, I remembered that I had a game, Headliner in one of my old itch.io bundles that I wanted to try. I'd played and enjoyed the sequel on Switch, so this was actually one of the games that drove me to pick up a cheapo Windows PC that could run indie and retro games. I got the game downloaded, started it up, and then could not get the language set to English from the traditional Chinese default, even though I found it in the options. Well, I'll give it another try today!

I ended up playing King of Fighters XV for a very few minutes and got destroyed playing the boss challenge. I picked a team that didn't play to my strengths and was out of practice to boot, so it was not a shock that I got destroyed. It was still fun, though.

October 11th, 2022

Today, I'm posting before work. It's an office day, but I don't feel very good, so I'm trying to get enough coffee in my system to propel myself through the day before I get there. My office charges for coffee, and really awful kcups at that, so I don't want to pay for it. Plus, we're going to get quality assurance checked in real time, so my mood can't flag at all, even between calls. I don't dislike my job, but I am concerned this morning.

Anyway, last night, I played exactly the same two games as I did on Sunday. With Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, I'm still a bit impressed by how much this is doing for a mobile game. The story runs like a pretty standard single player RPG so far, so I have a feeling like I need to finish it before it shuts down due to a lack of proper monetization.

I also whipped through 15 or so puzzles in Codebreaker Puzzle 1000! ENG & JAN, none of them taking more than 15 seconds. I don't like this game, but I know I can finish it with very little effort, so for now, I'm still going.

October 10th, 2022

I'm doing a super quick lunch break post today. I started a couple of games and neither really clicked with me yet.

Before I got going for the day, I played Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent on my phone. It's a nice game so far, and better than I expected from a mobile RPG, especially a gacha game.

Before bed, I was stressed about work, so I tried Codebreaker Puzzle 1000! ENG & JAN on Switch, since I'd picked it up on sale months ago hoping the Japanese word puzzles would help me study. They did not, and trying the English puzzles last night, they're way too easy. I cleared puzzle 1000 on the English side in less than 10 minutes. This game'll knock me out, so I'll play it again, but it's not great.

October 9th, 2022

Yesterday was a little busy in a nice way, since one of my siblings visited, so I did more crafts and eating massive amounts of baked goods than I did any gaming. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards suited my "look, it was only almost half the tray of peanut butter brownies, it's fine" vibe very well, though, so I played a few levels of that.

I don't really like the planet bosses in this game very well. They're decent setpieces, but actually playing the multi-phase bosses comes off as a little tedious to me. The boss I fought last night had a 15-20 second transitional phase between fights where you just kind of idly swim that drove me crazy. This is a pretty small complaint about a nice game, but since it's relevant to my playtime last night, I'm making it anyway.

October 8th, 2022

I felt nervous about work stuff for no reason last night, and am having trouble doing things in the right order to post today, so it's a short post to save frustration. I played Ranchboy last night until I got so frustrated I was actively angry, and then even had a nightmare where I damned myself to a slow and painful death because I was too stupid to solve the puzzles.

Then, I played Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards hoping it would relax me enough to get some sleep. I slept really poorly with, as mentioned above, bad dreams, but that's not Kirby's fault.

October 7th, 2022

Today is a quick before work post, since I only played Ranchboy yesterday, and not for too long at that. One of my friends helped me on a puzzle I was stuck on, and then I went through another couple levels. I went to bed when a graphical glitch made one of the switches invisible, which seemed like an unnecessary level of challenge. It's really riveting stuff!

October 6th, 2022

I could barely move my arms or hands yesterday, nor could I give anything sustained focus, so I decided my self-imposed challenge to not start any new games was stupid and quit.

For the majority of the day, which is not really an exaggeration, I played Ranchboy a sokoban clone on a bootleg plug and play Famicom I got at Daa Bin Store, a shop near me that I think sells Amazon overstock and returns at pretty low flat rates- everything was 7 dollars the day I picked the system up. The fake Famicom, in this case, is called the MINI GAME Anniversary Edition Entertainment System, which really rolls off the tongue, from Jueapu. It's one of the "better" Famicom clones I've played, and the only one currently in my possession, by merit of the fact that it has plenty of strange bootleg games. There are more I'd like to have at my disposal- the Titanic themed brawler and some of the King of Fighters/Fatal Fury demakes, in particular- but there's a lot that's funny on this one.

That being said, Ranchboy isn't particularly interesting. It's pretty under the radar. Even on the Bootleg Games Wiki, it only comes up as a "this game is also titled..." on Nice Code, the developer's page, but it's also reasonably okay. The constant, grating loop of Frere Jacques is kind of a nightmare, but I have a mute button to take care of that. It's just a basic, 30 stage, block pushing puzzle game with a farm theme overlayed onto it. If I'd bought this on its own, I'd be irritated, but as something included in a bigger package, it was a decent game for a sick day.

From there, I decided it was time to take care of Sonic Runners Adventure being the only game on my phone and downloaded a few others. I ended up playing a sci-fi visual novel/otome game called Code:Replicant because I was in the mood for some fluffy sci-fi. I'd never played one of these before and was somewhat stunned by the predatory monetization! I'm not chasing down a fictional robot with any gusto, so it's fine, but geez! I also like that the three options for the robot boys are "enthusiastic," "stoic," and "genuinely believes in your ability to get university funding." It's no contest here, my unseen protagonist deserves the character that's going to support her on the tenure track.

I'm thankfully feeling better today, but my sick day games were honestly kind of fun.

October 5th, 2022

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment that was basically helpful, but I also had 4 vaccines at the end of it, on top of starting a new medication. I am so wrecked I cannot even sit at my desk to do this post today. It got a lot over with at once, though, so it'll save me trouble in the long run.

First off with games yesterday, I immediately regretted my "no new games for a few days challenge" when I ended up playing Sonic Runners Adventure in the waiting room. I did make incremental progress, but that doesn't mean I enjoyed it.

Before bed, I also tried to play Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, but ended up only having good grip on the Switch controller for one level. This, of course, was also incremental progress, but I did enjoy it here.

This post technically being done, it is time to go stay upright long enough to cook and eat some lunch.

October 4th, 2022

There was too much noise in my apartment building last night for music games or, more despairingly, going to bed early, but I went in and got caught back up in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. My mom gave me a tiny TV that had been in our old house's kitchen, so I set it up in my bedroom basically to increase the number of game machines I could hook up at once. This game looked really great on it, though. The small screen played nice with the N64 graphics, which was nice.

I'm considering having a "don't start any new games until Saturday, you unfocused dingbat" challenge for myself this week. It'll be good for making progress in the games I have going, yes, but I also won't have to make any new game pages for a few days. It's an appealing idea that I think I'll go for.

October 3rd, 2022

Last night, I finally cleared Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight, having viewed all social events, unlocking everything, and earning the PS4 platinum trophy. Finishing games I like gives me very mixed feelings, and I will probably come back to this to do some high score chasing, and just because it's fun.

A few hours after that, I started in on Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, which is fine, seeing as it is functionally the same game. Still, I did not play long enough to shake my feeling of "the UI is different and wrong," which will fade soon enough. I don't know if I'll play this with much dedication for a while, but I'm happy to have it on hand. (Since I bought the bundle in a PS Store a couple years ago, which should tell you all a lot about my lighting fast speed at getting to games, I have the dancing game for Persona 4 in my library, too.)

October 2nd, 2022

I thought I was going to be able to clear Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight last night, but due to my own dingbattery, I failed! A bad combinations of a pizza dinner, slightly higher temperatures, and the first person card hunts in the characters' rooms gave me a wild case of motion sickness that put me totally out of commission two inches from the finish line. Alas!

I'll probably finish this off today, though, and might even play a bit before lunch. Sundays are great for meeting goals that don't really matter in the long run.

October 1st, 2022

It's already October, and I never thought I'd keep this blog going so long! It's not like it's been any hardship to post daily, but I thought I'd get distracted and quit. I'm glad I haven't, though.

Checking back on my games played last month, I only cleared three- Loud, which was fine, but too short, Macbat 64, which I was completely taken with and was also too short, and Shock Troopers, which definitely had a tiny sprite of an anime girl single-handedly taking down a tank. As far as my goal of clearing ten games goes, it's not awesome, but considering that my former average number of games cleared in a month was zero, it's not bad.

That being said, I'm pretty set to start off October by clearing Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight this weekend. I thought that maybe I'd be able to artificially boost my playtime by chasing some of the "view all of this specific character's dances" trophies, but I've been playing long enough that when I sat down to chase that last night, I got the two I had left within 15 minutes. There's two social events left to view and a few trophies remaining, and then this is done. It's so fun that it's a little disappointing, but I have a few choices in mind to tackle after this.

I also played a little bit of Fatal Fury: First Contact on the Switch Neo Geo Pocket collection last night. I have this game for my real Neo Geo Pocket Color, too, but backlighting and rechargable batteries are fine pieces of modern technology. Alfred is such a pain in the butt to unlock that I don't think I'll totally clear this at any point in the near future, but fighting games are fun.

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