What Video Game Did I Play Yesterday?

March 2023

March 27th, 2023

Yesterday, I just played the same stuff I had the day before. I hit a few more chunks of text in Dragon Quest X Offline, though I played late enough that when I found a character talking about how to use the map, I was lazy enough to go "well, I've got the gist of this, good enough."

It was midnight by the time I got to Yakuza 0, so I only played for twenty minutes or so, most of which were cutscenes. It was mercifully easy to find a save point when I needed one, though.

I played Disney Tsum Tsum way less than I expected to, too. I scored another cat, though! The all cat game board becomes closer to reality with every gacha pull.


March 26th, 2023

Thanks to the power of a two day weekend, yesterday felt really good! I got some crafts done, played some games, made a really delicious pot of chili, got some Girl Scout cookies, and went to a Vietnamese restaurant. Today won't be so eventful, though I already went to the Asian grocery store for a ramen and fancy soda run, but I think it will still be good.

In terms of games yesterday, Dragon Quest X Offline is probably what I was most excited about. I'm still crawling along at a snail's pace, but I successfully read the text that three NPCs threw at me, and, thanks to a friend's advice, made it to the first save point! In just 900 hours, I should have this game halfway cleared!

I also tried Yakuza 0 through Game Pass last night, which got off to a very fun start. I was having a lovely time just punching people, but then when I saw the skill tree, not to mention the karaoke, I was won over. I'll probably play a bit more of this today.

Last and admittedly least, I played a few minutes of Disney Tsum Tsum, figuring out that the Sticker Book event has some stages that are excellent for coin scumming. I was kind of disappointed when I managed to clear the level, putting my reign of terror at an end, but it certainly made the event more fun. I think I'm going to hit another one of the high coin stages today.

I'm done posting for now, and off to enjoy a classy lunch of tempura shrimp, potato chips, and applesauce. The shrimp smells really good from across the room.


March 25th, 2023

Things weren't so bad yesterday! Work was not very stressful, and I got out on time to do a grocery store run, which was great! I was so tired still, though, that I mostly just browsed the selection on Game Pass and considered playing games later.

I did play a few rounds of Disney Tsum Tsum, though, which was having an end of the month sticker book event that hadn't really clicked with me yet. I'll probably say a little more about this tomorrow, since I've already been playing today.

Today, I'm excited to have a two day weekend ahead, and'll likely do a better post tomorrow.


March 24th, 2023

Last night, I got trapped in a loop of extremely difficult and exhausting late work, so I felt really awful when I clocked out. I ate some frozen food mildly fancied up and some fruit, but all I could manage was just to stare at stuff. It seemed like I could take coloring, though, so I printed up a picture off the internet and sat down with some cheap markers to color.

Bottom of the line markers and bulk buy printer paper are not great art supplies, nor is the fidelity of lineart on coloring page dumping grounds professional grade. I'm posting my little Amy Rose here, though, because she's gaming adjacent, came out well despite the limits of the medium, and because sharing gives additional purpose to those 90 minutes of totally zoning out. I might put her on my fridge because I'm a really talented lady.

I also played Hidden Catch M for a few minutes because it was a path of least resistance I could easily follow. It's still not all that much fun.

My Saturday work was cancelled for tomorrow, so I'm feeling somewhat better about today than I might otherwise. I hope all of you out there have something not so bad ahead, too.


March 23rd, 2023

I dodged late work yesterday, but was still so tired afterwards that I didn't have the energy to take on Dragon Quest X Offline. I did get some errands run, though, and did a tiny bit of crafts, which felt okay.

I also turned on Pikmin Bloom for the first time in a good while. Even though I didn't accomplish anything, it's fun to have a little game running beside me as I try to exercise more. It'll still be frustrating that it just flat out won't count all my steps, I'm guessing, but that's how it goes.

Before bed, I felt too scrambled to sleep right away, so I went to my phone's Instant Play shop and tried a free game called Hidden Catch M. I respect that it was actually challenging, but it was a spot-the-difference game, not a hidden object game as the title made it sound like it was! Absolute rubbish. That being said, while it wasn't what I wanted, it was fine. I just don't really like spot-the-difference games, so even though this is cute, I probably won't play it again.


March 22nd, 2023

Last night, I got stuck working late again last night, and since it was a lot going on before that again, I was too tired to do much afterwards again. I did make frozen food instead of getting takeout, which I feel okay about, but games were pretty much a loss.

I did make it through a couple more text boxes in Dragon Quest X Offline, though, and got to the point where I can wander around a bit more freely! I didn't do anything past that, but tonight, I hope to challenge chatting with NPCs.


March 21st, 2023

I've been feeling so bad lately that, since I can't really make work less stressful, I can at least eat less junky fast food and exercise better. I vowed to myself that I would eat less after work Taco Bell desperation meals and go to the gym at least for small bits of exercise, starting yesterday. I then, of course, had a fairly relentless day and got trapped an hour late. That didn't stop me from making some stir fry for dinner and running over to the gym, but it did make it all really exhausting.

Because of that, I struggled to keep my eyes open when I got to Dragon Quest X Offline. My friend super kindly helped me pick up on what I missed in the first part I played, and because of that, I felt good about what I covered last night! I was so tired, though, that I only made it through two text boxes before I gave up. Hopefully, I can do slightly better tonight.

Since I have to suspend Dragon Quest X Offline due to being a miserably slow reader in Japanese, I've lost access to most of my before bed relaxation games, also on Switch. Because of that, I started My Nintendo Picross: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess last night. I cashed in some My Nintendo points for this before the eShop closed, and I'm really glad I did. Standard Picross that plays nice Zelda music is a good relaxation game, and I'm looking forward to playing more.


March 20th, 2023

I was so worried about work today that I had trouble enjoying yesterday. I can't get out of a pit in terms of tasks due, and we've had our workloads upped, so I feel sick and too stressed to get out of bed or take care of good cooking or decent outfits. Maybe today won't be as bad as I think, but since it's the start of a six day work week with a one day weekend, I got up to post here and try to get off to a good start with my own stuff.

I did start Dragon Quest X Offline yesterday, but the reading bits were even tougher and more extensive than I anticipated, so I haven't hit any gameplay yet. I kind of anticipate that I will by Wednesday or Thursday.

I played Disney Tsum Tsum for a while, too, and gatcha'd another cat. I hit kind of a dead end on the Kingdom Hearts event, requiring me to spend real money on either premium currency or rubies to move forward on time, so I'm not going to try very hard from here. Life is expensive enough.


March 19th, 2023

Yesterday, I did more crafts and doodling than games, but ended up trying out Umurangi Generation on XBox Game Pass. I had some trouble with the controls at first, but thought it was really cool from the first level! I definitely plan on going back to this game; photography games are neat, and even though I haven't seen much yet, it seems like the environmental storytelling will be cool.

Today, I want to try Dragon Quest X Offline and see if I can start pulling vocab for study lists. I am not the smartest cookie, so it will be slow going. I have leftover lentils for lunch, will make some sort of hot dog adjacent monstrosity for dinner, and a working furnace, though, so I'm ready for the day!


March 18th, 2023

I wanted to post here earlier today, but Neocities was down! It ended up being no big deal at all. I used the last of a gift card I'd won at work to get a veggie salad from Chipotle, grumbled that it was snowing again, got my mail, and returned to a fully functioning Neocities! My mail was good today, though. Ihad an order from PlayAsia come in, including Ib, Dragon Quest X Offline, and a sticker of Ataru and Lum from Urusei Yatsura that will soon grace a cheap water bottle. I'm pretty excited to play Dragon Quest X Offline, but nervous that my Japanese level won't be high enough to really enjoy it. Even worse, I haven't decided what species my character will be yet. I've got this, though.

Last night, I only played a few minutes of video games, buried under several pounds of blankets because winter has returned to my area with a vengance. My choice was Kirby Super Star because it's a nice game and I like it. I was playing the Great Cave Offensive section, but got too tired after ten or so minutes, shut it off, and slept for nine hours solid. It wasn't very productive, but was probably good for me.

It'll be back above freezing tomorrow, so until then, I'm hoping to hide inside and maintain coziness.


March 17th, 2023

I got off work on time tonight and am currently making myself a heavily modified version of Taste of Home's One-Pot Coconut Curry Lentil Soup, one of my favorite cheap standby recipes. Tonight's version is half sized, with taco seasoning instead of curry powder and dried green bell peppers added. It's not innovative; I've made this version before. It is good, though, and it'll give me pre-made food for tomorrow, too.

My gaming story isn't as good as the food one, though. Last night, I sat at my desk half asleep and watched Gummy of ye ole Gumball Machine play Slay the Spire for a few minutes, and it looked really fun and interesting. There was no way in hell I had the brain power to pick up a new game like that last night, though, on Gamepass or not, so I half-heartedly played a few rounds of Disney Tsum Tsum and passed out. Sleep is important.


March 16th, 2023

I'm mega burned out after late work tonight, so I went to Taco Bell, took a hot bath, and complained at my mom on the phone before even considering posting here. Last night, I played marathon mode on Pokemon Puzzle League, a nice game that I enjoy.


March 15th, 2023

I felt kind of scrambled last night, so before bed, I tried the trick courses in Putter Golf to relax for a few minutes. I like the downtime built into some golf games, where you watch your opponent's shot, and in this case, seeing how the AI approached some of the trickier holes was helpful. I still lost, really badly, but I think I can get this figured out eventually.


March 14th, 2023

Yesterday was a really nice day off, making it all the harder to drive to the office and go back to work again today. Oh, well.

I did make the correct choice for a good night's rest and play Mort the Chicken last night. The third level started bringing some mildly precise jumping into the mix, making the odd controls a bit frustrating. Turning on the active camera made it a little easier, though, so I got through without too much fuss.

I played Disney Tsum Tsum a few times, too, and hit my "I can't play this anymore" point, meaning it might be off the docket for a few days.


March 13th, 2023

I'm posting today from a pre-planned day off work, which is always nice. I'm going to the post office and the dollar store after this, so things are gonna get crazy.

Last night, I wanted to play a video game for a few minutes before bed, and thought maybe I'd play Mort the Chicken. Since I had the machine set up for it already, though, I ended up going with King of Fighters '99 instead. This was not my greatest idea. Playing an action game that I am not terrible at is not a quick and easy way to get to bed and well rested. However, it ruled, and I'm definitely going to make this choice again soon. I was playing Single All mode, where you try to beat every character in order, and would like to clear this mode someday. The NeoGeo Mini's 4 credit limit adds an interesting layer of challenge to it.

I also played Disney Tsum Tsum a little while I was at my mom's to watch the Oscars. I did pretty badly, but I got another cat. I think I'm up to four of them that could potentially pop up on screen at once.


March 12th, 2023

Daylight Savings Time is bad! I'm so tired today! I went to Target for groceries and basic life supplies this morning, and one of my big goals was to get the stuff to make a fancy salad. While I was in the self-checkout, though, I realized that I'd forgotten the lettuce, so I had to take everything out to my car and go back in for Target, round two. They were also out of marinated mozzarella balls, so I just bought a block of fresh mozzarella and am marinating it myself in a takeout container, but that's more a DIY-attempt than evidence of any exhaustion.

Anyway, I just played Disney Tsum Tsum yesterday, since I was short on sleep and enjoying many chain restaurants. I took a screenshot of the tsum of Scar I got from the premium box yesterday, but don't have any strong attachments to the character, nor will I be super likely to use this. It does bring me closer to my dream of an all-cats round of the game, though, so I'm good there.

I'm also super tired today, so I don't know that I'll play much today, either. Maybe, though!


March 11th, 2023

Today's post is kind of lame again, in the midst of movie time. I'm trying to do some last minute cramming for the Academy Awards tomorrow, like cramming for an exam in a class I'd only bothered with half-heartedly. I've seen quite a few nominees already, but feel like I could do better. I'm watching All That Breathes now, a documentary about bird rescue in New Delhi, and last night, did a double feature of Tar and Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, which was powerful whiplash. I think I can get at least two more watched today, too, and a couple before the awards tomorrow. It's maybe pointless, but fun!

That being said, my game progress yesterday kind of sucked. I played a whole one round of Disney Tsum Tsum, a big two minutes to document here.

I also went, like, halfway down a road in Pokemon Violet. I will say, the rain effect bothers me in this game- it gives everything a weird, shiny, rubbery texture. It doesn't affect my enjoyment of the game, I just think it makes my trainer's hat look weird.

I'm off to finish my movie and meet coworkers for lunch at Applebees. Life in the midwestern USA gets wild.


March 10th, 2023

I'm posting late and a little half-heartedly today. Work was a lot, I went grocery shopping, and now I've got my computer out as I watch Tar. It's not the best way to post to a website or watch a movie, but I'm not failing at either.

I played Disney Tsum Tsum more last night and got a bit further in the event that's going on. I wasn't playing very hard, so it was low stress and enjoyable.

I had a really brief play session of Pokemon Violet, too, just doing some small levelling up stuff.

It's the start of a three day weekend tonight, so I'm a bit excited to relax!


March 9th, 2023

A couple of Switch games I had on order from PlayAsia shipped last night, so I ended up playing Pokemon Violet, to see if I can clear at least the main quests before they pop up in my mailbox. I've got a while, but am not sure my focus allows for this- I spent an hour trying to catch a lot of Eevee in an early game area rather than making anything that resembled progress. It was honestly pretty relaxing and nice. Repetitive or not, it's so cute to see your trainer interact with all the Pokemon around!


March 8th, 2023

While I was doing crafts last night, I got really set on playing Art of Fighting 3, which is normal for most people. I used to have a copy of Art of Fighting Anthology on PS2 that has become lost to the winds, but I got out my NeoGeo Mini, a very cute mini console with a great selection of games and plugged it in, ready to make Sinclair, Karman, and all those other famous Art of Fighting 3 favorites fight. Alas! Art of Fighting 3 was not actually on the model of NeoGeo Mini I have, which led to a good few minutes of scrolling through the games that are on it and sulking.

I ended up playing King of Fighters '99 for a few minutes with a very, "oh, poor me, can't believe I have to sit here and play one of my favorite games of all time" attitude before I went to bed, and actually did have fun once I got going. I was pretty tired, though, as this whole story might convey, and didn't really get anywhere. I'll hopefully play something with less of a misguided and stubborn attitude tonight.


March 7th, 2023

Today's post will be somewhat short because I willfully stayed in bed longer than I should have before an office day at work. My main game yesterday was Disney Tsum Tsum, but after my first round of playing it for the night, I felt irritated and bored, like I couldn't stand to play it anymore. It's not permanent, but that's how mobile games are sometimes.

Because of that, I played Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Microgame$ before bed instead. I hit the Jimmy T. remix level, failed a few times, and went to sleep.


March 6th, 2023

Yesterday, I played a lot of games to distract myself from the fact that it was Sunday and I had to go back to work the next day.

I started, and spent the most time with an old copy of Drakengard a friend had sent me, which is really interesting so far. The on-the-ground fighting seems a little basic so far, but even from the start, I can tell that it'll get more in depth as I gather and level up more weapons. Plus, it was really impressive when I got the dragon and lit a hundred guys on fire at once. Narrative function aside, that's not something every game is offering.

While I was thinking about repetitve violence, I downloaded and tried Gungrave G.O.R.E. on Gamepass, too. It was very over the top and ridiculous, but about right for a game that I was playing after midnight. The style wasn't nearly as good as I remember being the PS2 game being, but that's how stuff goes sometimes. I played the first level and imagine I'll bounce back to this.

I also played Disney Tsum Tsum a lot again, as I had no interest in being a useful or productive member of society. I gacha'd one of the event characters, King Mickey, so my quest to... do Kingdom Hearts stuff, I guess, not actually being very familiar with the series, shall only intensify from here. I am powerful at matching things.


March 5th, 2023

Thank you for sticking with this blog when I am tired rubbish. I know the casual game stuff is not super exciting, but it keeps me from getting too stressed out when other stuff is a headache.

I'm knocking out a post today before I go grab some Taco Bell for lunch. There won't be much delay, because yesterday, I really played the hell out of Disney Tsum Tsum. I cleared the second, Mulan themed world in the Kingdom Hearts event and was able to gatcha for two "premium" characters. I legitimately don't remember who I got as I type this- maybe one of the Toy Story characters? I also don't extremely care, though, so it's fine. It was a fun time waster for a day when I had to fill out paperwork and run a lot of vinegar through an ailing coffee maker.

Before bed, I also made some more incremental progress in my sleep aid of a Switch game, Calm Colors.


March 4th, 2023

Today is somewhat better than yesterday was. It's not going to be a wild Saturday by any stretch- I'm doing paperwork and watching movies while I descale my coffee machine- but that's not so bad.

My computer is super slow this morning, so even though I don't have much to post about, it's a small relief. I played the second level of Mort the Chicken last night, and felt very pleased by the color choices. I can't play this for so long at a time, since it sets off my motion sickness a bit, but I am going to get through it anyway. It is weird and cute enough to press forward.


March 3rd, 2023

I had trouble getting out of bed again today, so I'm doing a screenshot-free post to get something posted before I totally burn out during work. I did a couple of rounds of Disney Tsum Tsum before work yesterday, then played the prologue of Fire Emblem Warriors before bed. Hopefully, today will be better!


March 2nd, 2023

Yesterday was bad, both work and basic-life-wise, so I went to bed early, slept ten hours, and weighed the benefits of refusing to get out of bed today. I did get up, but yesterday, I only played Disney Tsum Tsum. The weird Kingdom Hearts event is underway, and I like the goals it spits out and the play style mixup the character battles offer. I'll have more about it later, but I'm at the part one boss level today. You can fight the bosses over multiple rounds, with clearing their giant tsum twice doing 300 HP worth of damage, so it's not even super stressful yet. (The screenshot below is of a midboss; I was too tired to get a screenshot of the end stage boss by the time I got there.)


March 1st, 2023

Today is a lunch break post because I went and bought a latte to bribe myself out of bed this morning. I played Dead or Alive: Dimensions on my 3DS a bit last night, which was fun. I'm still moving through the survival mode stages rather than doing story mode, but it's enjoyable to make my character kick the other characters. The 3D effects are pretty impressive here, too, even though I do shut them off for a decent amount of my playtime.

I played Disney Tsum Tsum more than I should have, too, with all of this Kingdom Hearts nonsense still at a slightly mysterious level.


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